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Why Boudoir Photography? experience built to allow you to love yourself as you are today, can change how you see yourself for the rest of your life.

Most women have lived their lives chained to a definition of beauty that was set long before they ever had a say in it.  I truly believe that every woman needs to experience the moment she breaks free from who she has been told to be her whole life, and run towards the freedom that accepting herself brings.

Boudoir allows women to see themselves without the filter of society's standards of beauty.  It can lift women up so that they can reclaim what unrealistic expectations of beauty have robbed from them.

Boudoir With Glasses

A little about Laura

I’m currently 36 years old.  I am a mother of a very busy 9-year-old little girl.  I have owned and operated LuRey Photography with my husband, Easton, for over 10 years now. I run from engagement shoots, cheerleading practices and competitions, to making dinner, then out the door for a meeting…day after day.

That's wig and all, in Vegas.  I decided to leave my excuses at the door, woman up, and get in front of the camera for my own boudoir experience.

I had all the excuses in the world to never step foot in front of a camera, but instead, I decided to leave them at the door.  Guess what?  I never picked those excuses back up again.  I didn’t need to.  I finally saw MYSELF.  And once you see it, you can’t just go back.  Do I still poke at my tummy sometimes and wish I appreciated my pre-mommy-skin while I had it?  Yeah.  I’m human.  But now when those moments creep in, I am able to see past the lie that I should aim for society's definition of perfection.

For the first time in my ENTIRE life, I felt free.  Free from all the terrible things I let myself believe from the day I was old enough to have self-awareness.  I was free to be jiggly, free to laugh at myself, free to love myself as I was at that moment.  I will never forget that day because I realized that I was perfect exactly where I was at.  Mommy tummy and all.

So why do I shoot Boudoir Photography?  Because I would love for you to experience that same kind of freedom.

Step One...Choose Your Experience

From the second you walk through the door at LuRey Studio, you start your unforgettable experience.  Sit back and relax while our professional hair and makeup artist crafts a look just for you.  But first, you will need to start by picking which experience you'd prefer.  In the next step, you can pick how many outfits, images, and products you'd like...


1 Hour Shooting Experience

Professional Hair + Makeup

1-2 Outfits


2 Hour Shooting Experience

Professional Hair + Makeup

3-4 Outfits

Step Two...Choose Your Collection

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Yeah.  It's kinda like that. But all day long.

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