3 Reminders Of Self-Love

3 Reminders Of Self-Love

3 Reminders Of Self-Love

I am so excited to give you all 3 Reminders Of Self-Love!  So, you’re standing in front of your mirror, and you notice something about yourself that you are proud of.  Maybe it’s your piercing eyes, your long hair, your booty…maybe you noticed how happy you look at this moment.  Good for you!  But then it starts, doesn’t it?  Your eyes start darting around looking for what’s wrong with your body.  You find at least a handful of things in the amount of time it took you to notice yourself in the first place.

There’s never a shortage of criticisms you hand out to your body, is there?  It’s like Oprah giving out free cars, except its lies.  You get a lie!  You get a lie!  YOU get a lie!

Isn’t it tiring?!  I got so sick of it.  I wanted to appreciate this body.  The body that gave life to my insanely cool daughter.  The body that has carried me through this life allowing me to experience so many amazing things.  The one that works tirelessly every second of every minute to keep me alive.  It deserved more than what I was giving it.

These are the 3 things I choose to remind myself every time I feel my eyes start looking for my “imperfections”.

Perfection is a fallacy.  fal·la·cy/ˈfaləsē/ noun:  a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us that the perfection that we see on TV, magazines, and pretty much anywhere we go, is not reality.  Yet we continue to hold ourselves to a standard that quite literally, doesn’t exist.  It doesn’t help that at every turn we are told that we are too much and not enough all at the same time.  If we can get honest with ourselves for a second, it is a complete uphill battle…except this hill has no end.  NO END?!  Yeah, I can’t do that for the rest of my life.  So on my uphill climb, I stopped and looked around for a little perspective.  What I saw was a life of never-ending self-sabotage.  It took up so much of my time and mind space, constantly putting myself down, that I decided I wanted off that journey.

3 Reminders Of Self-Love

Imperfections are not just beautiful, but totally normal.

Before I went full time into photography, I was a massage therapist and esthetician.  So I saw like, all the bodies, LOL.  I was pretty young at the time and still totally insecure.  I remember being truly surprised that all the things that I listed off to myself daily, as some sort of inexcusable imperfection, was in fact completely normal.  After realizing that I am 1 in 8 BILLION imperfect human bodies it humbled me to my core.  I encourage you to remind yourself that your beautifully imperfect body, is 100% normal.


3 Reminders Of Self-Love

You’ll want to remember yourself, just like this.

I promise you when we are older and we look back on pictures of ourselves our last thought will  be “UGH look at me, gross!” In fact, I would bet money on the fact that your first thought will be, I wish I knew how good I looked.  When I was pregnant, like most mom-to-be’s, everything was super swollen.  My face, my knees, even my damn fingers looked like sausages. I remember looking at the pictures that were taken of my daughter and I in the hospital and HATING the way I looked in every single picture.  So much so that I deleted most of them.  And the ones I kept, I photoshopped so poorly, it barely looked like me.  One day when a friend was showing me her pictures of herself when she had her son, the weight of my decision to get rid of my pictures hit me.  What had I done?  Was I that disgusted with myself that I would get rid of any evidence that I ever looked like that?  The answer is yes….and It is one of the biggest regrets in my life.


To sum this all up in one pretty imperfect little package, I want to challenge you to practice these 3 reminders of self-love every time you look in the mirror searching for something to criticize.  It might not sink in right away, it may take a little bit for that lightbulb to go off, but it will come if you can let go of the lies that have been sold to you.





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