You LOVE the idea of Boudoir Photography, just...not with you in them…right?  I get it, I do.  I had all of the excuses too.  Because excuses are easy.  But excuses keep us from experiencing this ONE life we have to live to the fullest. 

4 Excuses To Leave Behind

4 Excuses To Leave Behind – If you thought you felt seen before, wait until we unload these 4 Excuses To Leave Behind.


You LOVE the idea of Boudoir Photography, just…not with you in them…right?  I get it, I do.  I had all of the excuses too.  Because excuses are easy.  But excuses keep us from experiencing this ONE life we have to live to the fullest.  I hear them all.  But I want to break them all too.  And then I want to punch all of the excuses in the face and rock your session and show you how much of a damn Goddess you are.   Let’s look at the top 4 misconceptions about boudoir photography.

“I need to lose some weight 

If this is one of your excuses, here’s my question to you… SAYS WHO?!   

No, seriously.  Please, chew on that question for the day, and at the end of the day, I need you to ask yourself again.  WHO TF SAYS?  Because if your answer is, because skinny is beautiful take a seat and let’s have a chat.  Society has lied to you since the day you were born.  Every single day of your life you have been told that skinny, dimple-free, hairless, white, long hair, perky boobs, a fat booty, and a thigh gap is the only “beautiful”.  There has always been a misrepresentation of how everyday women look in the media, in advertising, in celebrities….the list goes on and on.  We are diverse on so many levels yet we consistently are shown the same type of woman over and over again.  And the message is clear; “You’re too much, and not enough, all at the same time.  So buy this and you’ll fix that.” 

It’s time to reclaim what beauty is.  Beauty is confidence.  It’s loving yourself in the skin you’re in and being completely unapologetic for it.  For me, having a positive body image was way easier said than done.  I won’t lie to you, it’s definitely a journey.  But it starts with one decision…to give zero shits about anyone else’s opinions about your body and start loving yourself without the approval of others.    


4 Excuses To Leave Behind


“I’m not dating or married.  I don’t have anyone to shoot this for.” 

There is nothing wrong with shooting a boudoir session for your partner, but girl….have you tried shooting it for the one person who matters most?  YOU?! 

 The most common thing I hear from women after their session is how empowered they feel.  Typically, a session starts with nerves.  That quickly dissipates when I start showing them the back of my camera.  “THAT’S ME?!” is commonly heard throughout the day.  Yes, Queen, that is you!!  After a little while, I can start to see this transformation take form.  The client starts to really feel themselves and start to unleash their inner goddess that has been suppressed their entire lives by the lies they’ve been sold.  By the end of the session, I have seen a complete transformation in these women.  They walk out my door with their head held high because they are suddenly aware that their body is something to be celebrated. 

4 Excuses To Leave Behind

I don’t know how to pose like that.” 

Good!  That’s my job.  Not yours.  Your job is to show up and enjoy the experience.  My job is to pose you and photograph you being a damn sexy goddess.  If you think my clients walk through the door excited to show all their insecurities, you’d be wrong.  It’s my job to take everyday women of all shapessizes, and colors and capture the woman who is really in there.  I can promise you that if you were to talk to our past clients, they would tell you posing was a concern for them before their session as well.   

4 Excuses To Leave Behind


“I don’t want my images to be seen by anybody other than myself (or partner) and I see you post these online” 

That’s TOTALLY your choice!!  We never force clients to let us use their images for advertising.  We understand the sensitive nature of these images, and highly respect our client’s privacy. 

While these are just a few excuses that we regularly hear, they are definitely the most common.  If you have something stopping you from booking, please reach out to me so we can talk it out.  It is my hope that by reading about these 4 excuses to leave behind, it will help you start to see that you are perfect exactly the way you are! 

You can read more about why I photograph boudoir here.

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