A Beach Shoot With Some Friends

Every year our best friends get together for a vacation down the shore.  I’m so sorry….clearly, I am from Jersey.  Let me rephrase.  We go to the Atlantic Ocean.  To the Beach.  To the coast.  To catch some waves.

We look forward to spending this week together all year long!  We end up making plenty of laughable  memories to hold us over until the next year when suddenly those jokes get tired.  Long story short, this is the week we all live for.  And it hardly ever disappoints.

We are so blessed to know these amazing couples.  So the obvious thing to do would be to shoot the love between them, the way we see it as such a close part of their lives.  Why didn’t I think of this before?

Here’s the really special part.  Easton (my hubby) and I shot this together!  I dare you to try to pick out my pictures from his.  I bet you $10 you can’t.  That’s because he picked up the camera and blew us all away.  He’s amazing.  What took me years to learn, he accomplished in a short few months of studying photography and it’s technical aspects.  So…for now we plan on building his wedding experience by assisting us in 2012.  In the mean time, we will spend our days day dreaming about us being a husband and wife LuRey team!

……………. (stares blankly at computer screen)

I can’t believe this is my life.


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