Engaged couple stands in front of Philly mural

Mural Art | Kailey + Adam

Did you know that the city of Philadelphia has been internationally recognized as the “City of Murals”? So, naturally our two artist friends, Kailey and Adam, brought us to Old City in Philadelphia to use the city’s terrific mural art as a backdrop for their portraits. Mural Arts Philadelphia has worked with the community and artists for over 30 years, helping to transform public spaces and the lives of people that call Philly their home. Beginning as an attempt to redirect graffiti writers into creating constructive public art projects, Mural Arts has proven to be a powerful tool for creating dialogue, empowering communities and creating hope and unity within the community of Philadelphia.

We absolutely loved photographing Kailey and Adam’s engagement photos!

Mural Art

Engaged couple stands in front of Philly mural

Engaged couple kisses in front of graffiti art

Couple in the distance sits on steps next to mural

Engaged couple smiles at one another in front of polka dot mural

Engaged couple in front of mural art wall

Couple stands together on steps against brick building

Couple stand together and girl looks towards camera, mural art

Engaged couple stands in front of mural art wall

Engaged couple sits with arms around each other

We absolutely loved capturing the love between these two. Kailey and Adam had a unique and exciting wedding day at Barn Swallow Farm in April! Enjoy their amazing wedding photos here!

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