Easton Reynolds….the Rey in my LuRey.

I wanted to take a moment to officially thank my husband, and let you know about some new changes.

Last year was when Easton trained with me, this year he was my full on second shooter. From the moment he picked up a camera, he blew me away. I can’t believe how much hard work he has put into learning about the photography industry. He continually challenges me with learning new techniques, broadening our business, and encouraging me to grow in my strengths and take my weaknesses head on.

In not so many words…I would NOT be, LuRey would NOT be what it is today without him.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling incredibly burnt out. I became a full-time photographer not only because I loved it, but because I wanted (needed) to be a stay at home mom.  But suddenly, my daughter was only getting the scraps of my time because I was so bogged down with editing, emailing, and meetings.  My friends are used to not seeing me very much between the months of September-November.  Not to mention I didn’t have much time for Easton…he got the scraps of my scraps.  This is the part of the business that I don’t care for.  I knew if I kept going down that road, not only would my work would start to suffer, but so would every relationship in my life. Once that happened I knew the only next stop would be for me to start to hold resentment towards the thing that once brought me SO MUCH joy. So something had to change.  I love my business, my clients….but I love my family more.  I love my beautiful life more.


It is hard for me to give up control. Harder than you would ever know. I am Type A personality down to the bone. I built this company with MY heart, MY sweat, and MY tears. I molded it in such a unique way and to put that in the hands of anyone else meant risking breaking my work of art.

But that was just fear talking.  And I refuse to be kept small by my fears.

Earlier this year, Easton and I toyed with the idea of how he could leave his full time job to run the business with me full time, but we couldn’t figure out a good time to make it work.  Then, out of no where….he lost his job that he had been at for 6+ years.  So, in the last few weeks he and I have crafted a way to make LuRey, OUR company…something WE created.  He had been there since the beginning anyway pushing my forward, and now it’s his time to reap those benefits.

So some of the smaller changes we are implementing at the moment that Easton will be taking over…editing.  That one is HUGE for me.  He loves it, I have a love/hate relationship with it.  Done.  Also, most of the financials of the business.  Taxes, invoicing, you know…the boring stuff, LOL.

Some of the bigger changes that we will roll out slowly?  We are looking into POSSIBLY offering more than just wedding photography.  At the moment, we only shoot couples…but Easton is eager to branch out a bit.  We are just not sure where yet.

And so you may be wondering how these changes effect you?  The truth is, they won’t effect our clients.  The only concern I can see some of you having is wondering if the editing will be the same.  As of right now, I am working very closely with him and reviewing all the edits before they go out to our clients to make sure they reflect our brand.  After a while, he will take it on all by himself and at that point I know his skills will only add to the editing process.  However, we do encourage you to please contact us if you have any questions at all.

Anyway!!  I want to officially THANK my hubby!  He has been my biggest encourager throughout every step of this journey from the very beginning.  When I didn’t think I was good enough, he saw something different.  He pushed me to grow, and still does.  Meanwhile he found his passion in photography and excelled in ways I didn’t know were possible.  So, thank you my love.  This brand was nothing without you.  You were the missing piece of this puzzle, for sure.

And on that note…look out 2014.  We’re coming for you.

<3 Laura


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