Unplugged Weddings….With Love.

Unplugged weddings.  Dun dun duuunnnn.  A seriously hot topic in the wedding world. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, an unplugged wedding is a wedding ceremony without any cameras, phones, or iPads….Except for the hired photographers.

GASP!!!!!!  Whaaaaat?!  Wait, so like….actually disconnect from the social media/text messaging/face timing world? Yes.  Precisesly.  But give me a minute to explain why this is the best thing for not only you….but your guests! For the longest time I thought, “Who am I to ask my couples to ask this of their guests?!” Then I noticed something…that’s gotten, well….a little out of hand.

We are all guilty of it.  Feeling this compulsive need to share EVERYTHING.  Facebook, Instagram, Vine, the list goes on.  Seriously, I am the worst.  At any given moment you can find a gazillion pictures of my daughter, my lunch, my mail, my new manicure on my Instagram account.  And I will admit it…

Before I was a wedding photographer, I would be “that guest”.  You know….this one…

Because what would I have done without that picture?!  Well, the answer is this…I would have enjoyed the moment. In the first picture, I want you to look at all the guests with phones and cameras.  Where are they looking?  Certainly not at the beautiful Bride who is walking down the aisle towards the groom she is about to commit her life to.  They are all looking at life through a 4″ screen.  What a shame.  We as a society need to be FORCED to stop living our lives through technology and  enjoy what is going on in the present.  Or I’ll tell you what, we aren’t gonna have much to tell our Grandchildren.

To me, that is the most important reason.  However, there are lots more reasons.  Another being, all those cameras are getting in the way and ruining a beautiful image.  If they weren’t there, your eye would instantly be drawn to the beauty walking towards you and instead all you see is the cameras.  Not only are the camera’s in our shots….but the people holding them seem to think that they are the only photographer there.  I of course say that in jest but I have actually been asked by quite a few guests to move out of the way so that they could get their shot.  Speaking of ruined shots, how about during your first kiss when people are firing off their flashes which completely blows out the image of the professional photographer to an almost unrecognizable moment.  And guess what?  No amount of editing can fix that.

Pretty much every wedding photographer I know agrees that this photobombing has gotten completely out of control this last year.  Which is why I decided to speak up.  CNN has covered it.  Huffington Post has covered it.  You HAVE to watch this video that I found.  Even Pinterest covers creative ways to communicate with your guests.

So at the end of the day, what am I actually asking of my clients?  I am only asking you to consider it.  At least during the ceremony.  I love the idea of a wedding day hashtag for Instagram, but maybe just not during the ceremony.  At the end of the day it is your call because it is your wedding, and I will always respect that.  But I feel as though it is my responsibility as your hired photographer to explain to you the benefits.

With Love,


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