What do I do with my hands? – Trusting Your Vendors

The other day I posted something on Facebook, that if you force me to walk around with nothing in my hands I will start acting so weird.  I would just start picking just about anything up…random pillows, a shopping cart, someone’s baby….because I feel so out of place when I am exposed.  So, as you can imagine…being in front of a camera doesn’t come naturally to me.  The coming days before my promo shoot, I literally lost sleep.  I would wake up mid comfy dream in a panic that anything at all could go wrong.  More than anything, I was just plain afraid I would look stupid.

However, the day came and the professional people who surrounded me put me at ease.  I felt comfort in the fact that I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that these specific people would make me look fabulous.  Because that is what they do!!  As the day went along and I would complain about whatever, they were the first ones to reassure me that things were okay.

So, what’s the point I am getting at?  I am stating a simple yet powerful fact.  It is important to hire people for your wedding day that you trust!!!  Sure, so-and-so may be giving you what you perceive is a better deal.  But do you TRUST them?  At the end of the day, can you say with 100% confidence that that person will be able to deliver all you could have ever wanted for one of the biggest days of your life?  I would never want to just be another vendor on a couple’s wedding day.  I spend WAY TOO much time with them for them to just view me as “photographer….check”.

Hire someone who wants to know you, personally.  Who wants to be as invested in your vision as you are.  Someone who knows you have put their trust into them, and wants more than anything to deliver for you.  That is what the people who surrounded me that day did for me.  I probably won’t see the video for a while because art like that takes time, but I’m not stressed about it.  I know (like, know that I know that I know kinda knowing) that it is going to be all I could ever ask for.  Because I trust them.

Photos by Diana @ Styled Pink Photography

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