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We offer one on one mentoring sessions that can take place in person or online in a video chat. These session will cover a wide range of topics from business to actual photography techniques. If you’re struggling, we can help you find the confidence you need to take over the world!

IN PERSON In Person Mentorships are the best way to connect with us in order to grow your business. Every one on one mentorship is catered to address the issues you are struggling with.

SKYPE In this 1hr Skype session we address whatever struggles you have from running your business to shooting. This is your chance to go one on one with LuRey from anywhere in the world!


Purchase Video Workshops Directly from LuRey. Watch trailers below…


$249  ||  Reception Lighting 101 Do you struggle with lighting wedding receptions? Are you sick of just being “good enough”? This is your chance to reserve your copy of Reception Lighting 101 with LuRey Photography.



What Will You Learn?

  • Light Placement
  • Camera position in relationship to the light
  • Shutter Drag
  • Creating foreground bokeh
  • So much more!

“I literally cried at the end of that workshop, because I realized what a HUGE disservice I have been doing to my self, and my clients. It made me realize why I am so stuck. So, thank you. So much, from the bottom of my heart. You are literally such an inspiration.– Heather Paul


Have you ever wanted to up your photography game, learn how the pro’s get that awesome light, or just become so sick you’re hard for potential clients to resist? This is your chance to snag your own personal copy of our FREE E-Book that will answer many of these questions and help guide you down the road to success!





#ilovelight is downloadable video workshop that is meant to challenge wedding photographers to see beyond the normal everyday shots. We cover OCF and make it super easy to understand. From there we teach you how to see the Second Shot by changing your mindset. If you are tired of feeling like you are just “good enough” then this workshop will help you take the next step in unleashing your creativity. Learn to be confident shooting in any lighting/weather condition. This course is just over 3 hours of information. We cover everything you need to know to step up your ocf game! Watch the trailer above. What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn how Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Flash to subject Distance, and Flash Power all interrelate
  • Inverse Square Law Explained
  • Modifiers – Learn how the light looks from different modifiers
  • Learn to see the “Second Shot”
  • We break down how we shot all the images you see in the trailer

“Thank you immensely! Your #ilovelight workshop completes me!” –Andrea Hutto

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#ilovelight 1 Year Mentorship

We are extremely excited to announce our 1 year mentorship program. We are only offering 5 of these for the 2015 year.  As we reflect on the time when we first started building our business, we often think how helpful it would have been to have someone by our side...

LuRey’s 2014 Favorite Moments

Can I just tell you guys how much I enjoyed putting together LuRey's 2014 Favorite Moments?!  I got so sucked into this blog post that I got a little off track with our schedule here.  It's so worth it though.  I realized how much I like to edit one of a kind moments...



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