Booking Your Wedding DJ

Booking Your Wedding DJ | Top 20 Questions You Should Ask

A wedding DJ can make or break your wedding reception so it’s important to choose wisely. There is a big difference between someone that presses play on an iPod and a professional DJ. A professional DJ should know how to get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. It doesn’t stop there though… they also need to be able to keep them there. We have all attended a wedding that had a “dead” dance floor and it is not very fun, right?

We asked our friends over at SEK Productions to give us their top tips for booking your wedding DJ so here they are. This way you can ensure you book a wedding DJ that is perfect for you and your big day!

Booking Your Wedding DJ | Top 20 Questions You Should Ask

1. Was the DJ prompt in returning your calls?
2. Was the DJ on time for your scheduled appointment?
3. Did the DJ exude confidence in their ability to perform at your wedding?
4. Did the DJ give examples of situations that they overcame during a performance?
5. Did the DJ explain the equipment they would need and use for your event?
6. Did the DJ offer any references of his past clients for you to speak with about their experience?
7. Did the DJ seem suited to perform for the crowd attending your event? Too Old? Too Young?
8. Did the DJ clearly explain the services that will be provided the night of your event?
9. Did the DJ clearly cover the costs of the service provided?
10. Did the DJ clearly explain the best form of communication to use leading up to your event?
11. Did the DJ explain their dress code for the night of your event?
12. Does the DJ have online tools to help assist you in planning your event?
13. Did the DJ explain how they handle requests the night of your event?
14. Is the DJ recommended at your venue? If No are they familiar with the venue? If No are they willing to visit
prior to your event to ensure a seamless setup?
15. Was the DJ referred to you by someone who is familiar with his or her service?
16. Is the DJ properly insured?
17. Will the DJ provide a written contract?
18. Will the DJ have backup equipment at your event?
19. Will the DJ you interviewed be the actual DJ for your event?  If no, will you be able to meet with the DJ?
20. Was the DJ attentive to your concerns and a match with your vision/personality?

Final Thoughts

Recently, some wedding DJ companies have started to offer some new services for their couples that can have an impact on your wedding photographs.

  • High powered laser lights to spotlight your first dance. This can look awesome in person, however, the lights are so bright that they can actually damage modern high-end cameras. In addition, because the lights are so bright, it makes everything else around you turn to darkness in a photo. This means there is a chance you won’t be able to see your wedding guests reactions to your first dance. Some lights are programmed to move and change colors/patterns etc. If you don’t want a big orange spot on your face during your first dance you can simply ask your DJ to leave those lights off during that part of the evening. DJ lighting looks awesome during the informal dancing so make sure they are on for that part.

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  • Some DJs have started taking pictures during the reception and live streaming them to TV screens for all the guests to see. This seems pretty cool, right? Here is the thing though… Most professional photographers have it written in their contract that they are the sole professional photographer for the wedding day. When a DJ does this there is no way for guests to know who is taking the pictures. The images are unedited and normally not lit well. Guests assume it is the photographer. This can mislead people into thinking the photographer does not take professional photographs.
  • Make sure you read each vendors contracts. This way you will know things like if a photographer allows a wedding DJ to take photos during the reception ahead of time.

We want to thank Chris from SEK Productions for the helpful tips! SEK Productions is a Philadelphia Wedding Dj company that we highly recommend! Let us know if these tips were helpful in the comments! For more tips for wedding couples, visit our Resources page.

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