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Wedding Flowers | 4 Tips For Booking Your Florist (Without The Headache)

Wedding flowers are a big part of your wedding day! For this reason we asked our good friends over at A Garden Party to give our couples some of their top tips for booking your florist. We hope you enjoy this quick read!

Wedding Flowers

So, you’re engaged! You are feeling excited, maybe a little anxious, and undoubtedly
overwhelmed by it all. Pause. Breathe. Smile. This is the fun part! And when the time comes to wedding flowers and
booking your florist, don’t sweat it. Simply follow these insider tips and avoid the headache.

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1. Organize That Pinterest Board

Streamline your vision and start deleting those pins from 5 years ago. Focus on pinning
flowers that inspire you and make you think “I MUST HAVE THIS!” We suggest creating a
hidden board to share with your florist that contains your color scheme, pictures of your
dress and bridesmaid’s dresses, snapshots of the venue, and pretty little details that we
(the florist) can bring to life! But keep the pins to a minimum. 100 pictures is the magic

2. Do Your Homework

If you are asking Google to deliver you the perfect florist, think again. You will spend
hours clicking on website after website (cue, headache). Instead, ask your venue or
planner who they recommend. The photographer can also provide great insight and will
likely have images that reference their favorite floral beauties. Get on social media and
poll your friends. Once you have narrowed it down to 2 options, schedule a meeting or
phone conference so you can get a feel for what the florist can do to help create the
wedding of your daydreams.

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3. Be Honest About Money, Hunny

Don’t be afraid of the B word (budget that is). Let your florist know what number feels
good to you, and what number feels really, bad. Most people have no idea how much
flowers cost, so ask! Request a quote, then compare the cost value of each florist.
Which one do you trust the most? Who made you feel most comfortable and was willing
to hear your concerns? Which florist was more organized? Who had the best, creative
suggestions on how you could save a few bucks? If you don’t like the price, inquire
about how you can save by changing up the design or selecting more flowers that are in-

4. Sign On The Dotted Line, And Move On

Don’t be afraid to commit if it feels oh so right. Keep a running list of your concerns and
any changes you want to make to the design. Again, transparency is key. Be sure to set
up an appointment 6 weeks prior to the big day when you can sit down and run through
the details! The florist will likely offer this – so, take it! If you are especially nervous,
request to see some samples of your centerpieces. We are here to make you happy!

So don’t fret, beautiful! You will remember this exciting time in your life for years to
come. Fill it up with good vibes and enjoy the process!

LuRey recommends A Garden Party Florist for wedding flowers.

For more information on their full design services and DIY Wedding packages, visit For design inspiration, visit their Pinterest page!
Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@agardenpartyllc) and let them know
what you think!

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