Valley Regency Wedding | Zena + Joe

Zena and Joe had an absolutely stunning Valley Regency Wedding on a beautiful fall day in September. Everything about their day was perfect! Surrounded by close to 300 of their closest friends and family, these two showed us how to party all night long. It’s rare you meet people of this caliber. Although there were 300 people in attendance you would have thought it was one big family. It was so incredible to see how tight there whole group was. Everyone was so happy and genuinely excited for the newlyweds! We fell in love with Zena and Joe. In fact, after we shot their wedding her sister contacted us to shoot her wedding less than a month later! Needless to say they are now lifetime LuReyers.

Zena started the day off at her parents house to get ready with friends and family while Joe did the same at his parents house. The atmosphere in both houses was amazing when we arrived. They had drums and singing and tons of food. Everyone was dancing and just having a blast. I am pretty sure the dancing never stopped all day long. Being around so many joyful people was infectious and we couldn’t wait to see them all again in less than a month! Zena and Joe looking amazing on their big day and we want to wish them all the best in their new life together! Their Valley Regency Wedding was just perfect!

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Zena+Joseph’s NJ Wedding Video from Valley Regency, Clifton, NJ from James Jeon on Vimeo.

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