Holly Hedge Wedding | Carlee + Justin

Whenever a couple is having a Holly Hedge Wedding we get super excited. Holly Hedge Estate is over 200 yrs old so you know it is packed with character and elegance seldom seen in your normal wedding venue. When we first met Carlee we knew instantly she would be a good fit for us. Not only is she gorgeous, she has such a bubbly outgoing personality and an amazing smile. Carlee and Justin have known each other since high school but it was actually Carlee that made the move on Justin 5 yrs after they were out of College!

These two love birds choose a beautiful fall day in November for their ceremony so we were obviously in love with all the colors.  Christine from Strong Beauty did an amazing job as usual on Carlee’s makeup. She teamed up with Niki from Wedding Styles who did an incredible job on Carlee’s Hair. Niki and Christine are staples to having a successful Holly Hedge Wedding or any wedding for that matter.

The ceremony was held in the quaint little converted barn that is one of the beautiful structures on Holly Hedge Estate. Guests took their seats and still others choose to stand in the balcony to take in the whole view. As Carlee came down the aisle everyone stood to their feet to watch her approach Justin who looked like he was holding back tears. Her dress was just stunning and Mark Bryan Designs did an amazing job on her bouquet. Candles were lit all over the room and the mood was just right as they exchanged vows in front of  the fire.

Once the ceremony ended Silver Sound Dj’s took us all into the night with music and dancing. This one was one to remember.

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