Bride and Groom share first dance under crystal chandeliers at Atrium Curtis Center

Stella Maris | Jenna + Drew

Jenna and Drew shared a beautiful day together. We joined each of them as they prepared for their wedding day–Jenna in New Jersey and Drew, over the bridge, in Philadelphia, PA. They saw each other for the first time, when Jenna walked down the aisle at Stella Maris in Philadelphia, PA. Stella Maris Church is a Roman Catholic church that was founded in 1954.

After the ceremony, we headed to the place where Jenna and Drew first met– FDR Park in South Philadelphia. Comprised of roughly 348 acres of land, FDR Park was originally created in 1914. We were able to capture great images of Jenna, Drew and their bridal party in different areas of this park, including by Meadow Lake and the overlook.

Jenna and Drew’s wedding reception was held at the Atrium at Curtis Center. The Curtis Center was built in 1910 as the headquarters for the Curtis Publishing Company. The Curtis Center is home to a stunning Tiffany mural made from 100,000 pieces of hand-fixed favrile glass. The elegance doesn’t stop there. The Atrium also features black and white marble floors as well as crystal chandeliers. Not to mention the service and attention to detail that never ceases to amaze us at every Cescaphe venue.

Bride + Groom Prep

Bride gets eyeliner applied while her hair is pinned in curls

Candid shot of groom getting dressed for wedding with help from groomsmen

Hairstylist sprays bride's updo with hairspray

Groom and Groomsmen laugh in the kitchen during groom prep

Detail of the back of wedding gown

Best Man helps groom with tie while Groomsman adjusts Best Man's suspenders

Bride smiles as she opens a gift from the groom before their wedding

Best Man helps Groom with boutonniere while Groom looks in mirror

Portrait of groom as he buttons his vest.

Portrait of bride smiling before wedding

Stella Maris

Bridesmaids take a selfie on wedding trolley

Groomsman snaps a photo on his cell phone of the bride coming up the aisle at Stella Maris Church

Candid of best man laughing while seated in a pew

Wedding guests reach out their hands towards the Bride and Groom during ceremony at Stella Maris Church

Bride puts ring onto Groom's finger during catholic ceremony at Stella Maris

Bride and Groom kiss during ceremony as Best Man claps

Bride raises bouquet up in the air at end of wedding ceremony

Bride and Groom exit Stella Maris Church while guests blow bubbles

FDR Park

Black and White photo of Bride and Groom by lake under trees

Bride and Groom walk along stone wall at FDR Park

Bride and Groom kiss standing on stone bridge.

Bride's veil blows in the air as she stands with the groom at FDR Park

Bride and Groom face each other on stone bridge

Bride and Groom smile under Bride's veil.

Bride sits on stone stairs in Groom's arms at FDR Park.

Bride with Groomsmen at FDR Park

Groom with Bridesmaids at FDR Park

Bride and Groom kiss with bridal party surrounding them and cheering

Atrium at Curtis Center

Bride and Groom enter Atrium at Curtis Center in Philadelphia

Bride and Groom share first dance under crystal chandeliers at Atrium Curtis Center

Candid of Bride and Groom during first dance

Bride dances with Father, Atrium at Curtis Center

Groomsmen lift Groom up above their heads during reception

Wedding guests dance during reception at Cescaphe venue

Wedding guests surround bride during garter removal

Bride laughs with martini in hand on dance floor during wedding reception.

Bride and groom watch hibachi chef with large flames in pot

Bride and Groom cut Cescaphe cake during reception

Congratulations to Jenna and Drew! We wish you the very best!

Thank you so much to Erin Maestas from Cescaphe Event Group for coordinating such a fantastic day for Jenna and Drew!

The Couple’s other amazing vendors included:

Videography by: Nick of Visual Rose

Flowers by: International Floral Design

Music by: Jellyroll 

Lighting by: Beautiful Blooms

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