Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding

Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding | Andrea + Kaan

Andrea and Kaan had an incredible Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding and we are excited to share a few images from their big day! These two started their day at Hotel Monaco in downtown Philadelphia. If you have never been there before it is pretty amazing. They turned an old historic building into a perfect blend of modern and contemporary. Just before we arrived at Hotel Monaco Laura mentioned that Kaan takes pride in the way he looks. She went on to say that Andrea said Kaan has been known to take 30+min to do his hair! I (Easton) decided to take full advantage of this and see if I could grab a shower shot as Kaan was just about to jump in when I arrived at his room. After consulting with his guys, Kaan decided he needed a GQ style getting ready shot. The evidence is below. Anytime the first image I take at a wedding is anything but normal, I get excited. Needless to say it set the tone for an awesome rest of the day.

From there we headed over to Second National Bank for the First Look and Bridal photos. While we were there Benjamin Franklin showed up to help toss the groom in the air! Next we headed over to Union Trust for the ceremony as well as the reception. We can’t say enough about the staff at Union Transfer. They were amazing and the entire night ran super smooth. They are great at communicating with their clients as well as vendors.

Andrea and Kaan had an epic day filled with so much emotional. They spent the day surrounded by their closest friends and family and spent the evening dancing the night away. Congrats you two!!

Hotel Monaco Getting Ready


LuRey Photography Shower Shot
Easton was pumped to be able to capture this image of Kaan at Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia. Some careful placement of a speedlight on the shower spout did the trick.
Philladelphia Hotel Monaco Wedding Bride Prep
Laura loves to put her Brides against a nice dark background like you see here at Hotel Monaco. The way the light falls onto Andrea’s face here is stunning. The image really captures the scene and tells the story of her day.
Philladelphia Hotel Monaco Wedding Groom Prep
This image was taken in the bathroom of Kaan’s room in Hotel Monaco. Reflections can really help to tell the story or create more interesting images.
Philladelphia Hotel Monaco Wedding Sisters
Here you see an emotionally charged moment between Andrea and her sister while they were about to put her garter on. On of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is being able to capture moments like these.
Philladelphia Hotel Monaco Wedding Mother Daughter
We just love everything about this image! The light, the moment, the emotion!
Philladelphia Hotel Monaco Wedding Prep
The light from the windows at Philadelphia Hotel Monaco is amazing. Love how the groom is positioned here as he reads his card from his Bride. You can clearly see a highlight and shadows side of the subject.
Philladelphia Hotel Monaco Bridal Portrait
So many tears, and so much laughter made this Philadelphia wedding epic.
Philly Hotel Monaco Wedding Champagne Bride prep
There was no lack of fun as the ladies were getting ready. I love that the pregnant bridesmaid is the one popping the bubbly!


Second National Bank


Washington Square Park First Look
The sun peaked through just in time to highlight Andrea and Kaan’s first look at Second National Bank.
Washington Square Park Bride Groom
We are just swoon with this image! The connection is so beautiful.
Second national bank bridal portrait
This is your classic, timeless bridal portrait on the steps of Second National Bank.
Washington Square Park Wedding
We couldn’t resist highlighting the connection between these two! Love this.
Washington Square Park Wedding Groom
This portrait of the groom was taken at Second National Bank in Philadelphia. We love the classic look of this image!
Washington Square Park Bridal Party
The backlight coming in here from the sun just makes these guys look even more gangster! Philadelphia has some great spots for bridal party portraits.
Washington Square Park Bridal Party Bridesmaids
Bridal portraits in the park at Second National Bank are staple for a Philadelphia wedding.
Washington Square Park Bridal Party Benjamin frankin
Benjamin Franklin decided to give the guys a hand at throwing the groom in the air. You never know what you will find when you are a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer.


Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding


Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding
Union Trust Philadelphia Weddings have become our favorite! Look at this venue. Bride and groom are up in their bridal sweet which gave us a great opportunity to highlight their venue.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding
Union Trust can present a few challenges for a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer when shooting a ceremony in their venue. We used a few speedlights to highlight the bride as she came down the to meet her groom.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Ceremony OCF
Really in love with this shot of the bride smiling as she exchanges vows with her groom. The framing between the groomsmen’s heads really makes the image pop.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Ceremony 2
Moments of laughter during their ceremony at Union Trust.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Cake
This Union Trust cake shot may be one of our favorites.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Entrances
This was our couples grand entrance at Union Trust.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Toasts
This moment speaks for itself but the bride’s sister brought everyone to tears with her speech…even us!
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Laughing Toasts
It wasn’t all tears though. Plenty of laughter happened the rest of the evening.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Parent Dance
Beautiful moment between the groom and his mother during their dance at Union Trust.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Reception
These ladies were having a blast! Philadelphia weddings are serious!
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Reception Groom Dancing
Sometimes its tough to stop dancing just to take a drink!
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Reception Fun
The dancing never stopped at this Union Trust reception.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Reception cake cutting
A classic well placed dab of cake on the nose always causing a few laughs.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Dancing
These gentlemen took it upon themselves to make sure the dance floor was always filled.
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding couple
Andrea and Kaan sealed the night with a kiss! Another Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding in the book!
Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding
We are in love with the light in this image. This was taken right around the corner from Union Trust in Philadelphia.
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