#ilovelight 1 Year Mentorship


We are extremely excited to announce our 1 year mentorship program. We are only offering 5 of these for the 2015 year.  As we reflect on the time when we first started building our business, we often think how helpful it would have been to have someone by our side guiding us. There are so many decisions to make and each one seems bigger than the last one. If you are just starting out or have been up and running for a while this mentorship is for you. Ask us anything and let us help guide you through this next year.


What will Laura & Easton cover?

  • Social media – We will look at your online presence and see how you can utilize social media to create business.
  • Website – We will take a look at your website and make tweaks to optimize SEO and client interaction.
  • Developing a workflow – We will optimize your current workflow or help you develop one.
  • Advertising – We will help you identify your target bride and then explore the best way to help you reach them.
  • Portfolio review – We will do 2 portfolio reviews. One before we get started and another when we finish the program.
  • Pricing – We will help you build pricing based on your target market demographics or tweak the ones you currently have.
  • Branding Marketing – We will go over how you are presenting your brand to the world.
  • Blogging/SEO – We will cover the importance of blogging and the proper way to do so.
  • Using Lightroom, Photoshop, and Exposure 7
  • Ask anything

How does it work?

  • One 2 hour in-person meeting with Laura & Easton to start and discuss a game plan for the year (If you are from out of town you can fly in or you can fly us to you for an extra fee.)
  • One hour Skype session once a month
  • Q & A Session once a quarter
  • Assist us on one shoot at the conclusion of your mentorship
  • One in-person meeting at the conclusion of our program.

What is the cost?

The cost is $1300 for the year. $200 deposit is due upon registration and then $100 a month for the remaining 11 months.

How do you sign up?

Please email easton@lureyphotography.com

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