The LuRey Mini Workshop – Dare To Dream

Interested in learning how to take your photography to the next level?  Does that question scare you?  Than this is the workshop for you!!

Please join us for a fabulous 2 day workshop on March 2nd & 3rd to learn more about shooting, business, and balancing family as a full time photographer from yours truly!!!  I will be diving into the basics in a very comfortable laid-back Starbucks setting where there is endless coffee and cake-pops.

In the beginning of my career I would have done just about anything to crawl into the brain of someone who was actually making money from utilizing their talent in photography.  I knew nothing other than I had people telling me I had a talent.  It wasn’t until I reached out into the big world of networking that I realized that there were other photographers that I could actually learn from.  And that I had a TON to learn.  So I dove in!  I went to workshops and took online courses, and it more than paid off!  So I encourage you to really ask yourself if you are willing to invest 2 days of learning in trade for a transformed way of thinking when it comes to your business…because it could be your dream business.  Dare to dream!


  • We will be covering things like shooting on Manual, ISO, Exposure, shutter speed, lighting, equipment, and composition.


  • We will dive into how to book clients, book keeping, contracts, and building a relationship with your clients.


  • And then the fun part!  We will be shooting actual models!!  After I fill your brain with lots of useful nuggets we will take all that brain power out into the streets….or farms…or fields.
Workshop Details:
Date:  March 2-3
Time: 10am-3pm
Location: Starbucks in Marlton NJ
Shooting Location: TDB
Cost: $150 per person – ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE!
Deadline: Feb. 18th – must be paid in full by this date
Needed Items: Camera Body (if you have one), any lenses and flashes you have, memory cards, laptop or pen and paper for note taking
Lunch: or money for lunch =P

Sign Up’s are NOW OPEN!  Click Here!



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